3 Accessories That You Can Choose from For Your Custom Badges

Badges have been used for a long time as a way to identify employees of companies. They also serve a marketing role because the company logos on those badges make a clear statement about the company whose employees are solving the problems of clients. Custom badges make an even stronger statement because they stand out from the standard name badges used by other companies. For instance, a name badge shaped like a school bus will make the students stand out when compared to students wearing standard badges. This article discusses three accessories that you can choose from so that the method of attaching your custom badges complements the unique badges that you have ordered.


These provide a very reliable way to attach a custom badge onto a fabric (such as on a shirt pocket). One piece of the magnet is placed on the badge while the other piece is attached onto the inside part of the fabric where the badge is going to be displayed. The two pieces attract and hold the badge in place. The downside of this method of attachment is that the magnet adds some weight onto the badge. This can make the badge sag if it is attached onto a light fabric (such as a linen shirt).

Pin Backs

This fastening method relies on a pin to lock a badge into place on a fabric. The lock mechanism is very firm and there is hardly a chance that the badge will fall off while the employee is moving about. However, some people are concerned about the tiny hole that is created while the pin is inserted into the fabric. Such people feel that those holes may eventually mar the quality of the fabric. However, many people are not bothered by the pinholes since they are hardly visible once the badge is removed.

Badge Frame

This is a frame made to fit the size of your custom badges (or even standard badges). The badge is placed inside that frame. The frame has double-sided tape on the middle part. This tape attaches onto the fabric so that the badge looks professional and neat. Some badge frames have a pin back as an extra way to attach the badge.

Each of the accessories above can serve well to attach custom badges on the clothes of your employees. However, the specific attachment mechanism that you choose should be selected based on how well it will meet your unique needs in terms of the nature of clothes onto which those badges will be placed.

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